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Dog meat trade comes to an end in Seoul.


The decision comes as a result of the intense awareness-raising work initiated four years ago by animal rights activists and NGOs with the government and local people to end the dog meat trade.

This week, the last three stores selling dog meat in Seoul, South Korea, have pledged to stop killing dogs at the site. The move comes after a one-year campaign by Seoul Mayor Park Won-soon and the Seoul metropolitan government to end the practice and was very well received by the Humane Society International (HSI) Korea animal rights group. The NGO has been working in South Korea since 2015 to end the dog meat trade.

“I’m very happy to see Seoul’s last remaining dog meat shops end the dog slaughter. While these stores can still sell dog meat, it’s wonderful to see South Korea go a step further in this agonizing industry that most Koreans want nothing for, ”said Nara Kim, HSI Korea’s dog meat campaign manager.

“It gives me hope that the future of South Korea will be totally free of dog meat. HSI Korea will continue to work with the government and support farmers who no longer want to work in the dog trade so that one day we can celebrate the closing of South Korea’s final dog slaughter. ”

With the help of HSI Korea, the Gupo dog meat market – one of South Korea’s largest markets in Busan – closed its 19 stalls in July and is currently being turned into a public park.

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