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The film shows how industrial farms work and reports humanity’s dependence on animals for food, clothing and entertainment, as well as use in scientific experiments. It compares speciesism of the human species with other relations of domination, such as racism and sexism.

The film makes a detailed study of pet shops, puppy mills and animal shelters, as well as industrial farms, fur and leather trade, entertainment and sports industries, and finally medical and scientific use.

Terrans use hidden cameras to detail the daily practices of some of the world’s largest industries, all aimed at profit from animals.

The documentary took five years to produce, and what began as a series of a public pet castration awareness campaign, became a feature film that sought to address every major animal-related theme.

Shaun Monson began filming for awareness campaigns in California, United States. As filming ended, Monson became interested in other related areas, such as food and scientific research. In the meantime, he amassed a small library, gathered from various organizations, and began writing a screenplay.



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