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Humanitarian slaughter

A euphemism for defining the murder of animals in livestock. In humanitarian slaughter, according to industry, animals suffer less than in other types of slaughter.



In the animal cause, a philosophical and political movement that holds that no animal should be exploited, even with better conditions or less suffering. As with human abolitionism, which proposed the end of slavery for men and women, animal abolitionism seeks the abolition of all forms of slavery and animal exploitation.



A honey substitute with the same look and texture. It has a sweet taste very close to honey too, but its origin is a cactus, the same that gives rise to tequila.



Animal Acronym for Animal Liberation Front. In Portuguese, Animal Liberation Front (FLA). It is an international front formed by normally masked activists who enter places where animals are being exploited to rescue them. In addition to the rescue, ALF activists typically cause financial damage to the site so that other animals are not exploited later.



It is the cooking water of chickpeas or other legumes that, when beaten in a mixer, turns into a kind of egg white. The most common is that the chickpea water is used in the preparation of aquafaba and it is possible to make mousses and even sighs with it. One of the greatest inventions of vegan cuisine in recent years. Aquafaba was created in late 2014 by a Frenchman.



Vitamin widely spoken in the vegan environment to be found naturally only in products of animal origin. It is not, however, produced by animals. Vitamin B12 is produced by bacteria and is found in animal products because they become deposits of this vitamin by consuming unhygienic food. Vitamin B12 is essential for the prevention of some types of anemia and for the proper functioning of the nervous system. Its replacement by supplementation is mandatory for vegetarians. Many meat-eaters also have this vitamin deficiency and should also supplement.



A way of thinking of those who think it is enough that animals suffer less in livestock. So-called welfarists preach that animals should be respected within the industry, but not that they should simply stop being exploited. One flag of those who advocate welfare is called humanitarian slaughter.



Who practices welfare.


Banana Biomass

A dough obtained by baking green bananas. It has no flavor, only serves to enrich food and as a base for brigadeiros, soups and breads.


Jackfruit Meat

A kind of vegetable white meat made with green jackfruit fruit. The fruit, which needs to be green, is cooked and then shredded and takes the spice given to it. It has no taste of ripe fruit, it is impossible to recognize that it is jackfruit. It is used for its texture very similar to that of chicken meat.


Soy meat

Look for PTS.



It is the belief that certain species can be killed for consumption. It is a type of ideology that is not conscious or conscious of those who advocate meat consumption. The term was coined by Phd Melanie Joy of Harvard University.



Who practices, consciously or unconsciously, carnism. Look for carnism.


Vegan Barbecue

A barbecue usually made with skewers that, instead of meat and cheese, uses only vegetables or sausages made from vegetables.



Red dye from insects and widely used by the food and cosmetics industry. Appears on product packaging as: Cochineal, Carmine Natural Dye, Carminic Acid, CI 75470, INS 120 or E120.


Cruelty free

English term meaning “cruelty free”. Mainly used in the cosmetics industry, the term is quite treacherous as it is used to define only products that have not been tested on animals. There are many products that have animal ingredients in their composition and yet have the Cruelty Free seal. The seal, therefore, does not guarantee truly cruelty-free products.



Assignment of rights based on the individual’s species. Example: To think that it is okay to kill a pig to eat, but to find it absurd to kill a dog for the same purpose.



One who practices speciesism.


Moral Schizophrenia

The delusional and confusing way of thinking that some animals can be killed while others are friends and family members. Something very similar to carnism (look for carnism). The term moral schizophrenia was coined by the American professor Gary Francione.


chickpea nuggets

Chickpea and herb fried dumplings in oval shape of Arabic origin. Your original recipe is vegan. It is simply delicious.


Free range

English term that defines products from animals that are raised “loose”. But ‘loose’ almost always refers to large enclosed sheds, not to a green field full of flowers. It is a term widely used in egg packaging from chickens exploited outside the terrible battery cages. At the end of their industry life, however, animals exploited for free range products are slaughtered, as are all animals in the industry.


Drum cages

These are cages used for intensive confinement of animals in industry. Very common in the egg industry, the use of these cages is considered one of the cruelest methods ever created by humans. In these cages, chickens exploited by the egg industry go through life without being able to spread their wings in a space equivalent to that of a sheet of A4 sulfite. Confinement with battery cages is also common in rearing pigs, with cages prepared for the size of these animals. They cannot even turn back.



A kind of omelet made without the use of eggs or any other ingredients of animal origin. It is usually a chickpea-based batter that is fried in the shape of an omelet.



A salty avocado preparation of Mexican origin. It is naturally vegan in its original recipe.



Chickpea paste of Arab origin that can be easily prepared at home. It is very nutritious and tasty.



Individual who does not consume meat of any kind, but still consumes dairy products and their derivatives.


Vegetable milk

Any milk that is made from vegetables. The most common are soybeans, almonds, peanuts and coconut. Basically, just double the vegetable with water and strain, but it is important to look for specific recipes.


Brewer’s yeast

Look for brewer’s yeast.


Brewer’s Yeast

Ingredient easily found in supermarkets that is usually used to replace nutritional yeast in vegan recipes. But beer yeast tastes more bitter. Care must be taken before including in any recipe.


Nutritional Yeast

Look for Nutritional Yeast.


Animal Liberation

The end of all kinds of animal suffering and exploitation.



Cane syrup or molasses is a derivative of sugar cane used to replace honey in recipes. The most famous vegan recipe using this ingredient is treacle bread. The molasses is very rich in iron, one more advantage over honey, besides being cruelty free.



Informal – and sometimes derogatory – term for a person who only eats natural things and is overly concerned with health.


Nutritional Yeast

It is a commonly imported ingredient that gives a cheese-like flavor to the preparations and, by the way, makes it much more nutritious, as it has dozens of vitamins. The main manufacturer is called Red Star. It is also known in Brazil as nutritional yeast. It’s not the same as beer yeast.



Individual who does not consume meat of any kind, but still consumes eggs, dairy products and their derivatives.



A person who does not eat meat of any kind but still eats eggs.



PTS is an acronym for Textured Soy Protein. It’s the most common and easiest way to make “soy meat,” which looks a lot like ground beef. PTS is obtained from soybean through an industrial process called extrusion. Many dietitians do not recommend taking too much PTS, and some recommend not taking it.



Look for PTS. The acronym PVT stands for Textured Vegetable Protein, but the product is the same as PTS.


Animal sanctuary

Usually a site or farm dedicated to housing animals that has no public visitation. Some sanctuaries allow only small group guided tours so as not to stress or harm animals.



Also called “gluten meat”, it is a very versatile wheat protein food that can be fried, grilled and prepared in many ways where people often use meat.



It is the ability to have feelings and sensations. Sentient beings, unlike plants, have a nervous system and may feel pain, fear, despair, joy, and so on. Cats, oxen, fish, dogs, pigs, birds and chickens are examples of sentient beings.


Sentient Beings

Look for sentience.



Fermented soy food with a very peculiar flavor. Very nutritious and versatile, it can be grilled and placed in sandwiches or meals.



Soy-based food that looks like cheese but has virtually no flavor. It is a base used for countless savory recipes as well as sweets.



Traces are possible remnants of food that is produced in machines or kitchens that handle other foods. When a food carries information on the packaging that there may be traces of milk in it, for example, it means that the company uses the same machine to make foods with and without milk. By default, companies need to sanitize between one production and another, yet the message must be on the label by law.



Individual who cares for, cares for, animals. It replaces the term “owner” since animals should not be considered merchandise. Example: “He is the guardian of that beautiful dog.”, “I have been guarding two kittens since they were rescued from the streets.”



Look for vegan. English word that means vegan.



Philosophy of life that seeks to exclude, whenever practicable, all forms of animal exploitation. In food, entertainment, clothing and all other consumer behaviors. It is also a political and social stance against animal exploitation.



Informal term used as a verb for people, dishes or places that have adhered to veganism. Examples: “So-and-so Veganized.”, “We need to veganize the whole chain of diners.”, “The whole town is slowly veganizing.”, “He managed to veganise the family’s favorite cake recipe.”



Individual who uses vegetarianism as a diet, that is, that consumes nothing of animal origin in their diet. And it also consumes nothing of animal origin in cosmetics, clothing and in all aspects of life. In addition, vegans do not attend or support events that cause suffering to animals such as rodeos and similar activities.



Dietary method consisting of the use of vegetables only.



Who uses vegetarianism as a diet. However, it is common for ovolactovegetarian, ovovegetarian or lactovegetarian people to be called vegetarian only, which is a mistake in the view of many experts.


Strict Vegetarian

An individual who eats only vegetables, but does not necessarily avoid clothing or cosmetics made from animals.


B12 vitamin

Look for B12.



Studies or experiments on live animals. It is to cut the live animal.


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