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There are numerous reasons to stop consuming animal products and derivatives.

We can argue that it is a matter of ethics, health, willingness to change the world, but at the same time, there are even more myths about the nutrient failures that vegan eating can cause.

Here is a list of reasons why we should be vegan.

01. Ethics
The reason many argue but prefer to continue to consume meat / meat products because it tastes good. Many people prefer to continue to think that animals bred for human consumption are treated with dignity and at the end of their short lives are killed without pain. What does not happen. Animals are confined to a life of suffering and their death is often accompanied by torture. Even free-range animal products are fraught with abuse by breeders.

02. Helping others and contributing to the planet
70% of the planted cereals are used to feed the farmed animals, which could help feed most starving populations.
In industrial livestock, to produce 1 kilogram of meat requires 15 thousand liters of water, while to produce 1 kilogram of cereals only 1.3 thousand liters of water (FAO – Food and Agriculture Organization)
22,500 kg of potatoes can be planted on one hectare of land, while only 185 kg of beef (FAO) is produced in the same area.

04. Health
The vegetarian diet is much healthier. Cutting animal consumption reduces the risk of high cholesterol, prevents multiple cancers, increases energy and helps control weight.

05. Fish are also sentient
Contrary to common sense fish also experience pain and pleasure. Intensive fishing threatens the aquatic population and about 40 million tonnes of dead animals are returned to the sea annually by fishermen. For each ton of shrimp, 15 tons of fish that are thrown away by fishermen are killed. Aquaculture fish are intoxicated by antibiotics and live in filthy waters with no room to swim.
Fishing also causes the death of other animals such as birds that get caught in fishing nets or eat hooks.

06. Death and Suffering
To consume meat, one must kill. Killing is an act of violence. Usually those who work in slaughterhouses are uncultivated and exploited people.
Animals are very fragile, fear and pain, slaughterers do not guarantee that animals will be killed without pain. There are countless reports of animals coming to the cutting line awake without stun sleeping them, live chickens that are submerged in boiling water,

07. Taste
Does meat that carries so much pain and suffering taste good? All the stress that the animal suffers will be consumed by the human, ..


08. Cancer Risk
Those on a vegan diet are 40% less likely to get cancer than an omnivore who is 88% more likely to get colon cancer.

09. Immunity and Health
Vegans have higher immunity and are less affected by opportunistic diseases.

10. By non-human animals
Animals are easy victims and cannot be defended. If we burn a nonhuman animal, he feels pain. Nonhuman animals feel the pain with the same intensity as humans, they also fear and cry.
Their hair gets stiff, pissing, and trembling like we do when they scare us to death on the brink of being hurt or murdered.

11. Animals value life
There are no animals that want to die, they feel and like to live. Intensive farmed animals suffer greatly from the stress of confinement. Non-human animals want to be free and not suffer the abuse they are a victim of.

12. Animal testing is not necessary.
The practice of vivisection is not necessary, nowadays there are many computational methods that offer better results than experimentation with live animals. To test products for a beauty cream, it is not necessary to torture and kill animals.

13. What about vegetarians?
Vegetarians (egg-vegetarian, lato-vegetarian, egg-lacto-vegetarian,…) are part of the omnivorous group, but in a quieter way. They contribute to the death of calves (cows are not milk factories, for lactation a cow needs to get pregnant), they consume animal products that will end up in the death row, as Prof. Gary Francione “There is more suffering in a glass of bed than in a steak”

14. Vegans don’t hate animals
Vegans don’t hate animals, vegans hate animal exploitation and they believe in a peaceful world where humans and nonhumans live together peacefully, a world without animal exploitation.

15. Because we know animal exploitation is wrong and not necessary!

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